I'm currently leading design at Agrahyah, in Mumbai

I'm a digital product designer, leading design at Agrahyah Technologies, with a focus on user experience and conversational design, and the occasional foray into frontend web and mobile code. I'm passionate about inclusive design and accessible tech, and love all things community, having spent the last 7 years organizing and the last 4 running GDG MAD. I also frequently speak at tech conferences and mentor product teams both independently as well as a Google for Startups mentor.

I started building apps when I was 16, but soon realized that design was what I loved more. Over the past 6 years working in the field, I've learned to build user centric products, solve problems rather than design visuals, and empathize with people's struggles. Previously, I've lead and been a part of design teams at two other tech startups, and worked independently with other product teams occasionally.




Faiz Malkani