Project Android App
Role Design
Team Agrahyah Tech
Aawaz Masthead


Aawaz.com is an audio on demand platform with professionally generated content in vernacular languages. People can listen to podcasts, chat shows, and interviews across multiple genres. We built the platform in-house at Agrahyah, With Aawaz.com, offering brands an innovative, ad free, and engaging platform while offering consumers easy access to rich, culturally relevant content.

My Role

Aawaz is Agrahyah’s flagship product, and while I initially came on board to identify and fix minor UX concerns in the app, a major overhaul was planned for it, which entailed a complete visual and experiential refresh, plus an integration of English content and UI, and I took up the task of redesigning it.

Business and User Value

The initial version of the app had been well met in terms of content and conversions, but since it was an early prototype, the UX was lacking. Additionally, the first iteration of the app was built with only a Hindi-speaking demographic in mind, and this update adapted English shows and app experience, while also bringing in a slew of new quality-of-life features like a recommendation engine, a variety of content types, a more powerful media player, subscription management and enhanced categorization.

Aawaz Sketches Aawaz Show

Ideation and Design

The crux of the update was enhancing the app experience and bringing the UI in line with market standards and requirements, while also keeping in mind the existing Hindi audience. Each new feature was rigorously validated and tested to ensure it found a balance between regular and vernacular users, and every aspect of the UI was carefully considered so as to not alienate either demographic.

Aawaz Screens


As of August 2020, the new version of Aawaz.com is still in development and hasn’t hit a beta testing phase yet, although initial stakeholder and end-user feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.


Aawaz.com was a product that had already been scaled and relied heavily on taking a backseat to the content offering. Learning how to design a product that worked at scale, catered to two very varying demographics in one UI, and stayed helpful but minimal as it allowed the content to shine through was a fascinating experience, and has given me some key insights along its lifecycle.