Hey Cloudy

Project Android App
Role Design
Team Independent
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HeyCloudy is an up and coming business built with the goal of providing children with audio content in the form of traditional stories, learning experiences and educational snippets. When I worked on the project, the product consisted solely of an Android app with a generic design that needed a complete interface and experience redesign exercise.

My Role

I was brought on board as an independent consultant to take over the design phase of the app. I first worked with the stakeholders to define the problems, create user journeys, and finalize the approach. Then, I converted the wireframes to a high fidelity product design, keeping in mind the target audience’s inability to read and relying heavily on visual elements. Finally, I worked with engineering to ensure a smooth handoff and implementation of my design.

Business and User Value

DreamyDot, the team behind HeyCloudy started out with the goal of providing traditional stories for children between ages 3 to 7 in an audio format. Bringing a designer on board was part of that vision, to ensure that in addition to the content, the presentation and interaction was also built with children in mind. The reception was tremendous, with parents and children alike adopting the app as part of a daily routine, and reaching out to request more content.

Hey Cloudy Screens

Ideation and Design

Everything in the app had to be put into place considering the capabilities of the children who were going to use the product. I took none of the regular affordances for granted, and worked on tailoring the experience for them, like creating a unique art style for the product that was relatable and friendly, creating an icon set that matched it, and colour coding the app to indicate the child’s age range and corresponding story level.
I also realized that simply information and service wasn’t enough in the product, and added elements that made using it delightful, such as the interactive age range mascot and the happiness bar that enabled children to express in a fun manner how pleased they were with the story.

Hey Cloudy Screens


The redesign completely overhauled the app and pivoted its users’ perception towards it from just a content provider, to a content and tailored experience provider. The onboarding time was reduced by 40% to bring people to the content offering faster and more efficiently. Average listening time went up by 180% and incoming user feedback started becoming more about content requests than product complaints. Premium subscriptions also saw an increase in conversions, with 40% more users choosing to sign up to unlock more stories and additional features.


HeyCloudy was the first time I’d designed an app for children under the age of 10. It taught me to challenge all the assumptions we traditionally make while doing design, and re-evaluate all the affordances we take for granted. Coming up with an art style was another interesting aspect and something I quite enjoyed doing.